Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

The Party Has Over .

Okay , i'm a little addict for write a post on my new blog , LOL . Today i'm sharing some photo that taken one day after my seventeen birthday celebration . Here it is :D

My face is kinda , weird maybe ? This is my tired face actually . Seventeen party , although it's a fun thing , but it's really drained my energy out ! That day , i woke up at 7.00 a.m , then i took a bath . At 9.00 a.m , I took my seventeen dress and done some final fitting in case there are some problem on my dress . Then i rushed back home and went to the saloon , oh God (for your information , the saloon is like one hour from my home) . After my make up and hairdo , I rushed (again) to the hotel and done some photoshoot there . The party started around 7.00 p.m i think , and it's officially over at around 11.30 p.m I guess . What an unforgettable moment ! Actually i wore 3 dress that day , but when i took that photos above , i didn't wear 2 of them , because i felt really sleepy and tired that day. 
And by the way , photo taken by my mom , so sorry about the lighting , it's kinda bad i guess , it's a little bit way too yellow . Okay , see you later <3

Senin, 24 Juni 2013

Birds , Almost Everywhere

Hi there ! So , I've just went home from my trip at Batu City , East Java . Unfortunately my sister forgot to bring my camera's charger and that means i can't take much photo on my last vacation .
I'm an amateur photographer and I don't really sure if I could bring you some massively great photo , Lol !
But , here's some of picture that I captured on my last vacation :

Oh , and for your information , eco green park is one of many amusement and educational park in Batu City . Eco Green Park fulfilled with hundreds kind of various bird .

See you in my next post , folks ! Much love <3

First Post (!)

So , after a superb long time since a make-a-blog idea popped up out of my head , i finally create my first ever blog today ! In this blog , i will post randomly-captured moments of my life . Okay , due to my first ever blog post , I still don't really know what to write right now . Some new post will be updated soon , and guess i will look for some blogging inspiration from my little senior blogger sister's blog , :D See you soon , people <3